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The UK 'Shed Movement' is rapidly gaining ground with over 350 working sheds already & more opening their doors every week! Westbury Shed is a non gender or age specific community shed project, based on the
UK Men's shed association model (Click on the link and have a look at the UKMSA website)
I first experienced Australian 'Shed culture' in the mid ninties and having been a solitary working 'bloke' in my own (very well appointed) shed for over twenty years now, I can honestly say that the positivity and energy in our new group is a delight to behold, our foundations are solid, and we have already achieved so much!

'Shed' will mean many differnt things to different people. It offers an escape from the enforced solitude, frustration and bordom of illness, the sudden change brought on by retirement, breivement or any other or life's twists and turns. It gives a platform for those that want to give back too and provides the environments and social interaction to help re-inject some motivation and add a little magic into your week while you work on your own projects, help others with theirs, or even get involved with some exciting community projects too!
We welcome these by the way, so keep the ideas comming, the sky is the limit! :-)

Of course you might just want to talk to others over a cuppa and put the world to rights! (which sounds like a winning idea to me) You will be able to do this, and many other things at one of our growing number of centres in the town that already include a large wheel allotment plot, a great little workshop (aka Shedquarters!) and more centres planned for 2017! We are no more about wood, metal and horticulture than we are about people, and you don't need to be specially qualified or highly skilled to get involved either.

The one thing that people can find hard to get at first is that there is no pressure or expectation in the shed!
Primarily it is about enjoying the process of joining in, and the funny thing is, that when you are having fun, you will be amazed at what you can achieve too! Just by being involved! Good human contact serves us all well!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life, so make the most of it and do something lovely for you! If this is striking a chord with you, even if you are thinking that it may suit someone you know, then please come and check out Westbury Shed! "It's all about the people" you see, and that means you!
There is a lot of great reading at the UK men's shed Association website. Please click on the link below.
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This movie is well worth a look at too, it will give you an idea of how different people see Sheds, how they work, and how they are funded. Just click on this link!
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'Better shed than dead!' The movie, is approx 45 mins long so
put the kettle on and then enjoy!
On the subject of funding!
If you or the organisation that you represent would like to help us than we would love to hear from you at westburyshed@gmail.com

Donations of any kind are very welcome and always well used!